Tallinn, Estonia – 11-13 November 2022

In times of turmoil, building resilience is a virtue. This is your opportunity to learn from the best to become a fully optimized human, aligned with yourself, your biology and your purpose.

In this immersive and exclusive retreat in a beautiful natural retreat location Adila in the outskirts of Tallinn, Estonia you will be guided by European top biohackers: the co-authors of the best-selling Biohacker's Handbook, co-author of the upcoming Resilient Being & professional biohacker Teemu Arina, the best-selling author of Stronger by Stress & WIN and a high-performance coach Siim Land, master breathwork educator & facilitator Leigh Ewin, and psychologist Inka Immonen.

The 3-day full-on and hands-on biohacking learning experience is enhanced by sound healer Jani Toivonen, certified yoga facilitator Tuuli Sofia, other world-class performers, the latest biohacking tech, supplements, nutrient-dense food, and the presence of beautiful nature.

You learn hands-on how to optimize your body, mind, and soul by having simply perfect days together with Your Tribe. The event climaxes in an epic fire & cacao ceremony, so it's nothing less than a mini Burning Man. Organized by the world's top biohacking conference Biohacker Summit, known for its uncompromising production values.


  • The key aspects of biohacking to optimize mental & physical performance, sleep, nutrition, and recovery.
  • Learn how the body works from the level of a single cell to the whole organism to optimize health, wellbeing, and biology of longevity.
  • How to optimize a single day from the moment when you wake up to the moment when you go to sleep (body, mind & soul).
  • How to structure your day, set your goals, and achieve peak performance.
  • Most effective breathing techniques throughout the day for more energy, focus, and mental resilience.
  • What to eat from micro- to macronutrients for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to optimize performance, focus, attention, and health.
  • What supplements to use and how in different situations (stress management, energy, focus, recovery, and sleep optimization).
  • How to prepare and use superfoods, herbs & medicinal mushrooms (chaga, lion's mane, reishi etc.)
  • Benefits of intermittent fasting and various diets (including the ketogenic diet, OMAD etc).
  • Discover how to build an amazing body that's fit, lean, and muscular without enslaving yourself to the gym.
  • Biohacking technologies and their benefits: red-light therapy, near-infrared light, bio- & neurofeedback, exercise protocols & equipment, air purifiers, water filters, etc.
  • Self-quantification technologies and their benefits: sleep trackers, activity trackers, air quality trackers, productivity trackers, genetic tests, epigenetic tests, bloodwork, other health biomarkers etc.
  • Benefits and science of heat alteration including sauna, infrared sauna, ice baths, cold showers, and cryotherapy.
  • Most effective meditation techniques to bring yourself back to alignment with yourself, the universe, and your mission. 
  • .... and so much more!



Author | Professional Biohacker | Co-Founder @ Biohacker Center

Teemu Arina has a professional career of two decades as a technology entrepreneur, best-selling author, and award-winning professional speaker. Mr. Arina is one of the forefront figures of the biohacking movement. He is the co-author of the bestselling Biohacker’s Handbook series for optimising what it means to be human with technological and biological tools. Mr. Arina is also curating the Biohacker Summit (world's top conference for biohacking) and co-founder of the Biohacker Center (an independent think tank focused on optimal human performance, health and wellbeing).


Author | Anthropologist | Podcaster | Performance Coach

Siim Land is the biohacking prodigy from Estonia. Despite his young age, he's written several books about cutting edge information related to longevity, performance, stress adaptation, autophagy, fasting, and sleep. He's been a speaker at the top biohacking events in the world and creates content online about becoming healthier and more resilient.


Wim Hof Method Instructor | Oxygen Advantage Instructor | Breatheology Instructor | Bulletproof Coach

Leigh Ewin is a trainer, coach, and facilitator, who uses breathwork as a gateway to higher performance. His practices allow physical and psychological breakthroughs, whilst learning the true capability of these amazing vessels we refer to as the "human body" - and he also loves cold things


Biohacking Women Instructor | MSc Psychology 

Inka Immonen (MSc Psychology/neuropsychology) is a coach, science writer, and advocate of holistic and functional healthcare. She has long been studying how lifestyle affects brain health, mental resilience, and wellbeing. Inka is co-authoring the upcoming book Resilient Being and she is the co-founder of the Biohacking Women online course and community. Inka inspires people to improve their brain's health and mental resilience with lifestyle choices from diet to sleep.


Visionary, Coach & Sound Therapist

Jani is a visionary of inner power and love and a humble student of it. His goal is to bring people together, in their own strength and love. Jan has a background as a long-line musician, sound therapist, martial arts enthusiast, and coach. Jani has developed a very unique holistic way to bring people back to their own natural rhythm and balance with vibrations and sound. Jani creates a space where participants can experience deep relaxation, presence, and the magic of natural rhythm. Jan’s focus in life is to find true simplicity and the flow of connection, peace, and happiness - and to share it with others.


Certified Yoga Instructor

Tuuli Sofia facilitates active yoga styles with more invigorating and playful modified ashtanga vinyasa yoga and the rocket -series and balancing it with restful and meditative yin and restorative yoga to release excess stress activating the body's natural relaxation response. She has practiced and studied yoga since 2012, currently studying Traditional Chinese Medicine, the autonomic nervous system, and the body-mind connection. For her, it is a priority to create a safe space to explore, rest and recharge. 



  • latest biohacking technologies
  • optimized nutrition products & supplements
  • beautiful nature retreat location
  • optimized & upgraded meals for breakfast, lunch & dinner catering to dietary needs including keto & vegan
  • guided yoga, breathwork, sound healing & meditation sessions
  • traditional Finnish sauna
  • crystal clear lake for ice-cold dips surrounded by epic nature
  • accommodation in a natural setting surrounded by nature sounds far away from city life
  • lectures from the top experts to optimize health, performance & wellbeing
  • a goodie bag of biohacking products and book of your choice to take home (Biohacker's Handbook or Stronger by Stress)
  • new life-long friendships with people your kin
  • epic fire & cacao ceremony with shamanic drumming


Day 1 – "Principles of Biohacking": 11th of November 2022
The first day is the day of arrival – We take it easy, check-in for accommodation, dip into informative lectures to give an overview of best biohacking principles for metabolic health, network with others and explore the surroundings. The evening culminates in a lovely dinner with music and discussion on evening routines in preparation for the big day.

  • 10:00 - Transportation from Tallinn to retreat center by coach bus. The meeting point is outside of Tallink Terminal D, Tallinn Seaport Hotel (address) (if you come from Finland by boat, come with the Tallink boat that arrives at 09:30)
  • 11:00 - Lunch and farmhouse & check-in at Adila retreat center for accommodation (address)
  • 12:00 - Gathering at Bagua, the octagonal conference space. Upgraded coffee & chaga tea, networking
  • 13:00 - Welcome words by Teemu Arina & Siim Land
  • 13:15 - Principles of biohacking & health optimization
  • 15:00 - Networking & introductions
  • 16:00 - Optimizing metabolism, health & wellbeing
  • 17:30 - Mental & psychological resilience
  • 18:30 - Free time with options for nature walks, sauna & ice dips
  • 20:00 - Epic Upgraded Dinner (3 courses)
  • 21:30 - Optimal evening routines, sleep & recovery
  • 22:00 - Getting ready for the big day

Day 2 - "Optimized Day": 12th of November 2022

This is the day of action that will be both intense, informative, and deeply rewarding. You will learn hands-on with others how to optimize a perfect day from optimized morning routines to biohacking technologies, bodywork, exercise, breathwork, ice dips, and alignment with the cosmos.

  • 07:00 - Wild herb walk with Sami Tallberg (optional)
  • 08:00 - Yoga & meditation for daily affirmations and goals
  • 08:30 - Breakfast available
  • 09:15 - Optimal morning routines
  • 10:00 - Upgraded coffee & tea workshop
  • 11:00 - Advanced supplementation - What to use, why, and when? 
  • 13:00 - Upgraded lunch
  • 14:00 - Biohacking technologies, biomarkers, wearables, and tracking
  • 16:00 - Optimizing energy, focus, and stress (incl. body workout)
  • 17:00 - Breathwork for clarity, immunity, and rejuvenation
  • 18:15 - Heat alteration including guided sauna & ice dips
  • 19:30 - Fire & cacao ceremony with shamanic drumming (new moon)
  • 22:00 - Ketogenic dinner with carb refeeding option (3 courses)
  • 23:00 - Sound journey & guided meditation

Day 3 - "Recovery & Integration Day": 13th of November 2022

After an exhausting but deeply fulfilling day, it is time to go deeper into our true purpose and integrate what we have learned.

08:00 - Breakfast available
09:00 - Restorative yoga

09:30 - Sound & vibration journey to the inner world

11:30 - Upgraded lunch & checkout from accommodation

12:30 - Sharing circle of learnings & experiences

14:00 - Integration for becoming a better version of yourself

17:00 - Transportation back to Tallinn

18:00 - Arrival to Tallinn
19:30 - Tallink boat to Finland (if you are going to Helsinki)



We offer three options to our guests (book your favorite at checkout):

BED AT THE FARMHOUSE (100€ single bed - 200€ full room)
Your own bed in the farmhouse. Shared showers and toilets in the same building. Great alone or with a friend.


High-end cottage with two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, shower, toilet, and terrace. Buy two rooms and the cottage is fully yours.


The ultimate nature experience – You will be in the "middle of nowhere" in a premium off-grid EMF-free Kärg cottage, on top of a bog, observing animals, birds, and bees in the early morning and late evening hours. Truly unique nature experience. Double bed. A separate building for toilet & shower. Great alone or with a partner.

All accommodation options come with free breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Accommodations are for the full duration of the retreat (2 nights). Prices are total for the duration of the retreat.

OTHER OPTIONS: You can find some beautiful options for accommodation close by at AirBnB here (Kohila, Rapla County). Note that you will need a car in that case.


The price of the retreat is 1270 € (incl. VAT 20% tax) per person. Limited seats.

20% early bird discount. Price will increase – Book now!

Price includes:

  • Full program, experiences, and lectures 11-13th of November 2022
  • Full meals (two breakfasts, three lunches, and two dinners)
  • Coach transportation to and from Tallinn to the retreat center and back on 11-13th of November 2022.
  • Goodie bag with a book of your choice
  • Signed certificate of participation "Advanced Level Biohacker" from Biohacker Center

Accommodation to be purchased separately (see above for details).

Travel details:

Generally speaking, it is very easy to travel to Estonia by plane to Tallinn or by ferry from Finland and we are happy to provide you with more information. We do not have a mask, test, passport, or social distancing mandates in our events. Estonia has removed all requirements for events. There are no requirements for entry from most EU countries. From outside of EU, the entry requirement is a negative antigen test, negative PCR test, proof of vaccination, or proof of the previous infection within 6 months. More details for travel requirements are here. A test can also be done on a boat, in Tallinn with or without an appointment at Terminal D (details here), or at the airport. By plane, we recommend arriving the day before the event starts and leaving earliest the day after the retreat. Tallinn airport is small and efficient. If you arrive by boat from Finland, we have timed our schedule so that you can arrive and leave with the Tallink boat.

Pack gear for yoga/exercise (no mat required), a swimming suit (towels included in accommodation), and something to keep you warm outside if needed (we are mainly indoors). Umberella/rain coat in case of light rain. Warm socks for indoors.


Price will increase – Book immediately to reserve your seat.

Cancellation policy:

We make things very flexible for you. Full refund if the event gets canceled due to restrictions, you get a positive test result and/or face the inability to enter the country due to travel restrictions. Free exchange to any of our future events at any given time.

If you have any questions, you can reach us by using the chat functionality on the side of the window. If you need an invoice or part payments instead of a credit card, please contact us.

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